Why Bennett DriveAway?

While you view our website and learn about our company we hope to answer the main question you may have as you consider selecting a vehicle transport partner – Why Bennett DriveAway?



As one of the leading DriveAway providers in the nation, we are proud of the services and technology we provide our customers. Our Single DriveAway service can move any light or heavy duty rolling stock to any point in the U.S. and Canada. We transport a wide range of vehicles for manufacturers, municipalities, dealers and fleets. For more information on the types of vehicles we move, click on the "Single DriveAway" tab.



In today's world of transportation, technology plays a very important role in helping to keep customers informed about:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Custom Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing Information

Here at Bennett, we have the advantage of having our own in-house technology group that can provide daily programming support. They have been instrumental in providing our cell phone tracking technology and a customer portal for easy access to our customers. Having our own in-house technology team can provide our customers with the highest level of efficiency and visibility. Not only do we have some of the best contractors to move your vehicles, but we also focus on providing the best in technology to help you, our valued customer, with the information needed to manage each shipment. Both our contractors and technology team are "First in Class" in providing the services you need.

Alternative Fuel

Driving Force

More and more the manufacturers of light and heavy duty trucks and bus manufacturers are offering alternative energy solutions. One of the leading types of alternative energy is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which can be used in many vehicles today. With the high price of gas and diesel fuel, manufacturers and companies are looking at the future and reshaping their model of the type of fuel that can be used to reduce cost and provide efficiency. At Bennett, we are well aware of these needs and are also focused on providing the experienced contractors to support these types of moves. Our team understands to move these types of vehicles, we need detailed planning. We plan and provide our contractors with the information on the fueling locations along their route to help them stay on route and on time. We are ready, trained and prepared to move your alternative energy vehicles anytime, anywhere.