Phil Hibb - VP SafetyBDA Safety Program

Bennett DriveAway has built a reputation on providing our customers with service, customer satisfaction, and professionalism. Consequently, we have very stringent requirements that all contractors must meet and comply with in order to drive at Bennett. Some of the requirements are:

  • Satisfactory work record
  • Knowledge of D.O.T. regulations
  • Pass pre-hire and random drug and alcohol testing
  • Acceptable CSA score
  • Acceptable criminal background check
  • Satisfactory driving record
  • Must be 23 year old or older
  • Driving experience in interstate commerce

In 2002, Bennett International Group started its Safety Culture, and training was given to all corporate and field employees, agents, drivers and contractors, with ongoing training given throughout the year. Safety meetings are held throughout the year via WebEx and at locations in or near our terminals. These meetings keep our contractors apprised of new local and federal regulations, and new safety procedures

Our independent contractors participate in an annual safety bonus program. As part of our safety bonus criteria, a driver contractor must attend two annual safety meetings and a defensive driving course. A driver-contractor also must have no chargeable accidents or claims and pass all roadside inspections for the year to receive his/her bonus per revenue mile. After five years of safe driving, and meeting the same criteria, a driver-contractor receives additional bonuses per mile. Our drivers receive their bonus on or before December 15 each year. Last year Bennett DriveAway paid over $296,000 in bonuses for safe driving.

Our bonus program is just a one example of the steps we are willing to take to instill safety in our drivers-contractors, which results in higher quality service and customer satisfaction.