Through EDI and Bennett's call processing system, we have automated daily load information for the customer. The system will update daily, vehicle location, ETA delivery and date and time of delivery. At time of load entry (day tendered from the customer) an ETA is put in, giving the estimated day of delivery, at time of dispatch, if necessary these dates are updated. As the vehicle moves across the country the contractor calls in to the "Bennett CPS" and the daily location of the vehicle is updated. This system allows our customer to monitor their vehicle on a daily basis from pickup to delivery.

  • EDI at workAccept Multiple Formats - ANSI X12, XML, EDIFACT, Flat File
  • Multiple Communication Options - AS2, VAN, Secure FTP
  • Transaction Sets In Use:
    • Load Tender (204)
    • Invoice (210)
    • Track & Trace (214)
    • Load Tender Accept/Deny (990)
    • Acknowledgement (997)